first mover advantage in resort investment

KEG Resorts is a company formed to develop a new, game-changing niche brand in the emerging and still shaping area of adventure travel. These travellers are mostly in their 20s and 40s, budget minded, travel as couples or singles, value experience over expensive hotel rooms, venture to the exotic destinations that offer amenities they are interested in such activities as surfing, mountain climbing, snow boarding, diving and so on. While there are many unbranded budget resorts, currently our target market has a limited choices among the recognised branded budget resorts in the locations they travel to.

According to the research, the size of the adventure/sports tourism market is valued at over 263 Billion USD annually. There are many brands in the various industries such as Quick Silver, Rip Curl, Red Bull, GoPro and so on that target adventure/sports tourism segment and are well recognised. There is no such recognised brand in the hospitality and travel industry. Although there are resorts that cater to the target market,those resorts are fragmented in terms of the branding and are not well known.

To recognise the need to have a defined brand that would be synonymous of “Quick Silver” of the resorts, KEG Resorts Management company has been established. Its branding model will include partnering with the brands that have strong following among the target market such as Quick Silver, Patagonia etc. KEG Resorts will manage the resorts under the aforementioned partner brands and pay them franchise fees. The first resort investment will be in Indonesia to capitalise on the growing target market 


first mover advantage

 There are recognised brands in many industries that enjoy the loyal following of the action minded-adventure seeking consumers. There is no such recognised lifestyle brand in the resort segment. KEG Resorts will occupy this spot in Indonesia and around the world


indonesia's first adventure brand

The first stage is to develop local chain of budget resorts in Indonesia in selected locations in Lombok, Sumba, Sumbawa, Flores and Raja Ampat to capitalise on the fastest growing budget hotel segment in the country and align with Indonesia's government tourism strategy to develop 7 new "Balis"